Career Development Report

If you are unsure about what career path you want to take, we offer an online personality assessment questionnaire that can help you identify a range of suitable career options that align with your personality. You will take this online test (usually it takes about 20 minutes to complete) and you will receive a multi-page report called Career Development Report that includes:

  • Your personality typeIdentify your personality type based on the theory of psychological types introduced by the famous psychologist Carl G. Jung.

  • Your personality Strengths – Knowing and leveraging your personality strengths is very important for career decision

  • Weaknesses – Some of your personality traits that may become your weaknesses or obstacles in your success in your career

  • Career Development – Describes career development methods tailored to the specifics of your personality and by using them may help you in career advancement

  • Market Yourself – A list of your personality strengths that can be used for self marketing (eg. mention at an interview, add to your CV or at any other situation for promoting yourself). 

  • Most favorable work environment where you would be able to leverage strong areas of your personality, and be the most successful, fulfilled and content

  • Examples of occupations that are typical to your personality trait