What is Counselling?

Counselling helps you analyze and understand what you are thinking. It helps you gain important information about yourself and the world around you. Effective counselling brings a greater level of self-awareness, self-understanding and discovery of new strengths. The aim is to reduce client’s confusion, helping them to choose well, explore ways to manage challenges, enable them to make positive changes in their life where necessary and develop a viable plan to move forward.

Confidentiality is paramount to successful counselling.



How does it help?

In a private and safe place you can talk through whatever is going on for you with someone who listens objectively and supportively to your thoughts and experiences in order for you to discover new possibilities in your life.
We offer you a whole set of tools to work through career and life issues. Simple counseling methods can teach you how to use these tools to identify your goals, to remove any limiting beliefs that may be standing in the way and develop a plan to move forward.
We do not give advice but help clients make their own choices.

Counselling can help people:


  • Clarify what is important in their lives
  • Decide on a career path
  • Work through personal/career stuck matters
  • Reach a resolution to problems
  • In exploration of feeling thoughts
  • By offering support in time of crisis
  • By offering support during developmental and transitional periods
  • Train your brain to think differently
  • Change unhealthy beliefs
  • Learn to choose well
  • Overcome challenges