Sugar Mill Jewelry

By incorporating traditional techniques into modern designs, sugar mill jewelry is unique in many ways, yet easy to wear by women whose desire is to escape the ordinary. Filigree or enamel handcrafted by some of the best metal smiths in the world turn gold into eye catching pieces reflecting in the mirror of the soul of each woman.

The founder, Penelope Marathovounioti had studied economics, earning an M.A Degree in International Business from the University of Reading, UK and spent 13 years working in a Bank. Following her heart and the voice of her higher self, she decided to leave that job behind, and pursued her true passion and studied jewelry design and metalsmithing Her collections are mostly inspired by the Greek Mythology or by the Greek Literature. As a child, she could spend hours imagining what jewelry Athena , the goddess of wisdom , was wearing or wether Zorba the Greek had given a beautiful necklace to Madame Ordance and the writer had forgotten to mention it in his book.

The materials mostly used are: pink gold, white, black and cognac diamonds, rubies and emeralds.