Penelope Marathovounioti is a designer and artist.

Penelope redefines the purpose of statement jewellery by combining aesthetic beauty with spirituality. From the visual side, her private collections perfectly capture the elegance of Greek Mythology, Greek Literature and the mysticism of the gods. Penelope’s pieces have a symbolic meaning and are designed to bring harmony, protection, love and overall positive energy to the women who wear them!

As a trained silver and goldsmith, she is committed to revive her cultural heritage by adapting ancient Cypriot techniques into modern and minimalistic shapes , only to create timeless pieces that will be passed down through generations.

Each piece under Penelope’s portfolio is designed carefully and then, under her supervision, is finely crafted by master artisans! They turn gold into eye catching pieces reflecting bold looks unique and relevant to each woman.

Collections under Sugar Mill Jewellery appeal to women who do not follow the mainstream and who invest in extraordinary pieces. Her designs are contracted in precious metals, hand set and polished, precious stones, semi precious stones and pearls.

Penelope earned an MA degree from the university of Reading and worked in a bank before truly following her passion for jewellery.